Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Friday, January 20, 2012

Magdalena's Peacocks and feathered friends

Magdalena just decided that she needed to draw a peacock and set about to recreate an image she had seen in an animal encyclopedia.  So she is specific in that this is a 'male' peacock. Her attention to detail is evident. 
The following week, Magdalena decided to go to the Book Week parade as a female peacock and stated the book this came from was the 'animal encyclopedia'. 
Very technical and to the point is our Maggie.

Magdalena saw this image in a magazine ("Frankie") and she decided to copy it freehand.  She had the magazine next to her and tried first to use tracing paper to get the right outline, but then opted just to draw freehand. Amazing how easily she was able to do this and was he first attempt.  I constantly marvel at her natural ability given that she is only 8 and so easily produces the most creative works. 

On the theme of peacocks, here is Magdalena's coloured clay peacock and other interesting creatures.  Pretty cute. 

 Here is Magdalena at her 8th birthday where she opted to go to a wildlife park for her party and got to handle all the animals.  Magdalena would like to do something with animals, something with art or creativity, and is considering the possibility of a wildlife photographer or zoo-ologist.